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Cool New Promotional Products 2014 – Useful Too!

Even though promotional umbrellas are our game here at iBrolly, we appreciate all promotional merchandise in general – especially the useful stuff (you know, like umbrellas!). Here are some handy new promo items we’ve noticed so far in 2014:

promotional flip flopsPromotional Flip Flops. Who doesn’t burn through a pair of flip flops every few years? Well, if you don’t, you should flip over to Expedia to book a few more vacations! Flip flops are not only useful, but you can brand them really well. Put your logo on the top straps, and both the top and bottom of of the sole. Lots of opportunity for messaging.


When you’re hanging out in your yard (in your branded flip flops, of course) make use of promo merchandise clampyour branded cable clamp. You can use this on almost anything – trowel promotionalnifty!

Then do some weeding, or plant a few flowers with your branded eco trowel. Even apartment dwellers are taking up gardening these days, with container gardens and vertical garden towers abounding.

kitchen timer - promo productLastly, check out this cute little kitchen timer. Yes, we can all use our microwave or oven timers, but when cooking on the stove top it’s always handy to have one of these at your side. Just a quick twist and you’re confident dinner won’t burn. If you’ve already got one of these, put the extra one in your bathroom to limit shower time and conserve water.


And remember, beautifully branded custom umbrellas always make for practical corporate gifts…

promo umbrella printed inside

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Introducing iBrolly’s Newest Addition: The Totebag Telescopic

iBrolly Totebag Telescopic

Tired of your wet umbrella dripping all over? Problem solved!

iBrolly is pleased to introduce our newest product, the iBrolly Totebag Telescopic. This folding umbrella conveniently converts to a waterproof tote bag, saving your floor from dripping water in a convenient and stylish way. It folds to just 9.5″ long when closed and also features an aluminum and fibreglass frame, a plastic handle with a woven wrist strap, and a premium Pongee canopy that is anti-tear and quick to dry.

Contact iBrolly today to find out more about this great new specialty umbrella!

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Custom Umbrellas: Unique Corporate Christmas Gifts

It’s time to start thinking of what you’ll give your clients for Christmas this year – and it’s always difficult to think of something that they’ll appreciate and use. Why not design a custom umbrella? Trust me, umbrellas will be greatly appreciated in any Canadian city, and with La Nina rains predicted this year, they will definitely be put to good use! Continue reading

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Printing Artistic Umbrellas

Would you like to print a full colour painting, photograph, or illustration on an umbrella? You’re not alone! In fact we get many calls from artists and photographers wanting to put their work on umbrella canopies – so many we’ve decided to write a blog about it.

The answer to your first question is YES…We can do it. Now, your next question is likely going to be: How much does it cost? That’s where it gets a little more complicated, because the cost depends upon the complexity of the design. This article will discuss how our umbrella printing and manufacturing process works, which will help you to design an artistic umbrella that will be affordable to manufacture. Continue reading

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Our First Internet Retail Partner: Shop CBC

telescopic umbrella

Where can I buy an iBrolly umbrella, you ask? We’re happy to announce that there’s now a place where you can purchase single iBrolly umbrellas online, at www.cbcshop.ca

There you will find our automatic opening and closing telescopic umbrella. (A telescopic umbrella is really just another name for a folding umbrella.) Anyway, it’s a gorgeous yet very sturdy little number with reinforced fibreglass and aluminium ribs: one of our best sellers. Of course it comes with a top grade Pongee umbrella canopy, and is fully guaranteed just like all other iBrolly umbrellas. Continue reading

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Eco-Friendly Umbrellas

iBrolly is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly, recycled umbrella!

Our eco umbrella has a 100% recycled PET canopy made from recycled plastic bottles, and a bamboo handle & tip. Not only is PET fabric made from recycled materials, but the process by which it’s created releases less CO2 into the environment than traditional umbrella fabrics – all with exactly the same feel and durability. Continue reading

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Innovative Promotional Umbrellas

printed umbrellas

Entire Canopy Print

Slapping a logo on a flimsy umbrella is not going to say much about your brand. Have you seen how many people walk the streets with broken umbrellas…? Do you really want your logo to be on one of them? We don’t think so. Introducing iBrolly, a promotional umbrella company that manufactures only high quality, durable, creatively designed umbrellas. At iBrolly we think of umbrellas as media space – free, untapped, non-traditional outdoor media – that can be leveraged with a little creativity. Continue reading

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Our First Blog!

Welcome to Ibrolly! We are setting up our social media department and are excited to share with all of you our progress! Please check back often for updates on new products, articles and news that is happening on our site!

We would love to hear your comments and concerns so comment often!

Ibrolly Umbrellas

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